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Reasons of Brazil property investment growth

For those who have already enjoyed Brazil's thousands of miles of sweeping palm-lined shores, met her friendly, welcoming locals and enjoyed her wonderful laid-back lifestyle and cuisine it's not hard to see why so many people are falling in love with Brazil.

What does the word "Brazil" mean to you? Football? Beautiful tanned bodies? Uber-trendy cocktails? Beachwear? Vast rainforests? Mega-cities? Rich and poor? Well Brazil is all of these things and so much more.

Brazil (especially the North East) is starting to see a large increase in international tourism. Once visited it is very difficult to leave without yearning to return. The locals are very friendly and hospitable which makes the country so inviting.

Brazil is the largest and most populated country in South America and fifth largest country in the World. Brazil borders every South American nation except for Ecuador and Chile. Brazil is home to extensive agricultural lands and rain forests. Brazil possess vast natural resources and a large labor force, consequently it is South America's leading economic power.

The Brazilian property market is full of potential and offers the an excellent opportunity to maximize profits on your property purchase, with very favorable exchange rates adding further value.

Property investment growth is focused on some specific locations: The major investment area of Bahia, on the north east coast, boasts stunning beaches and a balmy Tropical climate bringing with it increased development projects and growing numbers of tourists. The city of Sao Paulo is at the brink of a real estate boom while it shakes off its past violent image in favour of a thriving city with much business relocation from foreign companies. Experts also predict that Rio, with its long history of tourism, is also about to see a significant growth spurt in terms of real estate development.

Brazilian off-plan property, especially in the North East part of the country in particular is moving at a blistering pace. Investment in regions of Brazil such as Rio Grande Do Norte have really started to gather pace with Natal proving to be popular. Property investment in Brazil is fast becoming a serious contender to offer investors as a viable overseas investment property option, with many new Brazilian off-plan property developments now appearing in Brazil's overseas property investment market place. Developments like the 5 star Lagoa do Coelho Resort which offers 60% finance options and easy payment plans as well as offering investors the best facilities, banks, restaurants, health facilities and sports areas in the region along with it's 'private' lagoon & 4km of 'private beach' and championship golf course.

A number of factors are making Brazil a great opportunity for investment, according to an overseas property adviser.

To purchase a property in Brazil you will first need to obtain a Brazilian ID number called CPF (similar to a Spanish fiscal number). We can advise on the steps required to obtain the CPF and once all the documentation is received the developer can prepare the CPF within 24 hours.

Maintenance of your property is covered by the Management Contract you sign upon purchase and this is charged at a fixed rate per month/ year. Council Tax (or IPTU) is also payable on your property. It can be paid in monthly installments, or can be paid annually, usually with a discount of 20%. The amount is usually around ½% of the value of the property per annum.

Author: by Karen Smith

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